He배트맨토토모바일llo, I’m Jen Storer!

배트맨토토모바일 to girl & duck.

Write, i배트맨토토모바일llustrate, cr배트맨토토모바일eate. Make kid배트맨토토모바일lit magic!

jen storer children's author

Let m배트맨토토모바일e show you h배트맨토토모바일w to write books f배트맨토토모바일or children, how to배트맨토토모바일 shine on the slush 배트맨토토모바일pile, how 배트맨토토모바일to live a m배트맨토토모바일ore creative li배트맨토토모바일fe.

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I’m acclaimed children’s author,배트맨토토모바일 Jen Store배트맨토토모바일r. This is me배트맨토토모바일 holding some of t배트맨토토모바일he novels I’ve w배트맨토토모바일ritten. Oo la l배트맨토토모바일a! I write 배트맨토토모바일picture books, too.

I’m published by HarperCollins, and Peng배트맨토토모바일uin/Random Hou배트맨토토모바일se. My books are배트맨토토모바일 loved by thous배트맨토토모바일nds of kids (a배트맨토토모바일nd adults).

Rambling Wr배트맨토토모바일iter alert.

H배트맨토토모바일ere’s how배트맨토토모바일 girl & duck ca배트맨토토모바일n help you:

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